• Duck Legs

  • A jar of "Herbes Salées"
    It can be found in all major grocery stores: Metro, Loblaws, usually in the vegetables section. If you don’t have this, it can be replaced with coarse salt.

  • Duck or goose fat
    Enough to fully immerge the legs in your roasting pan or pyrex roaster.


  1. Generously rub the legs on all sides with Herbes salées or salt (about two tablespoons per leg), cover, and put aside for the night in the refrigerator.

  2. If you used coarse salt, wash out the legs under the tap and pat them dry. If you used the herbs, just keep them. Dispose the legs on a sheet pan with the skin on top. Broil them at high intensity for a few minutes, until the skin browns a little: you don’t want to cook the meat, you only want to give the skin a head start.

  3. Liquefy the fat on your stovetop. Pack the legs in your roasting pan, and pour the fat on top until the legs are fully immersed.

  4. Bake them at very low intensity (about 200 to 225 Fahrenheit) for a couple hours (usually three to five). The legs are ready when you can stick a fork up to the bones with only moderate resistance.

    At this point, you could eat some… Not a mortal sin: taste is already pretty good, but texture is not perfect.
  5. Let the roasting pan cool off at room temperature, then cover it up with a plastic wrap and put it in your fridge for at least three days (a week is ideal).

  6. After this resting period, put the pan back into the oven, until the fat is fully liquefied and warm once again. Delicately remove the legs one by one: there are ready to eat. If there are too pale-skinned, you can place them on a sheet pan and broil them a little before serving.

    Do not try to separate the legs directly out of the fridge. They might be too fragile, and then you would end up with a meat pie.

Additional Tips

  1. Duck fat can be used multiple times: when you are done, just freeze it until next use. It can be stored a year in yoghurt pots before becoming rancid.

  2. The final product can also be frozen: put legs individually into congelation bags with just a little fat, vacuum the air as much as possible, and that’s it.