What Doesn’t Work:

  • Sound

  • HDMI and DVI output

  • Video hardware acceleration (hence no Quartz Extreme)

  • Having more than 4GB of RAM

What Sort of Works:

  • ACPI (suspension states work, but fan control is off)

What Works:

Pretty much everything else, including:

  • Up-to-date 10.6.6 Mac OS X software stack

  • Full eight core multiprocessing (even if system profiler only reports 4)

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • USB HID devices, PS/2 Keyboard

  • Firewire

What to Avoid:

  • Hard rebooting the machine while in operation. If it happens (for instance if it hangs while shutting down), immediately boot in single mode (-s), and run fsck -ya.

  • Installing kernel updates (hence, MAC OS X software updates feature should be used carefully).

  • Fiddling with hardware-related kexts.

  • Changing the core hardware (RAM, Mobo, CPU, BIOS Config, how the core devices are plugged). If it happens, revert to the original hardware setup, and boot in safe mode (-x).